Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catlin-Legutko Speaking at SMA Conference

Small museums and their employees and volunteers are a wonder and clearly attendees of the Small Museum Association conference know this. Right? Perhaps you need to be reminded why you rock.

Join me for the plenary session, For the Love of the Small Museum: The Making of the Small Museum Toolkit, on Tuesday, February 21 from 8:30 – 9:20 to hear why your work matters, what the museum community can learn from what you do, and how the Small Museum Toolkit was inspired by you, the small museum champion.

Conceived during a marathon road trip to two back-to-back museum conferences, my co-editor, Stacy Klingler and I, tackled a dream to produce practical how-to resources for our over-worked small museum colleagues. Partnering with dozens of authors, whose writings are spread over six books, the Small Museum Toolkit was published by Altamira Press last month.

During my talk, I hope to challenge you, motivate you, and celebrate you; preparing you to return to your fabulous small museum with a focused and energized agenda.

Following the plenary, I will lead an informal conversation or "fireside chat," titled Big Ideas in Small Museums: A Conversation about Moving Mountains. Session participants are encouraged to connect with colleagues and talk about the burning issues and solutions they may have that can improve the small museum environment. Discussions will focus around the importance of assessment, planning, fundraising and board development.

See you there!

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