Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Supporting Small Museum Colleagues

We offer a hearty thank you to AltaMira Press/Rowman & Littlefield for donating a copy of the Small Museum Toolkit for a raffle at the AASLH Small Museum Luncheon. Your small museum colleagues contributed almost $200 towards the Small Museums Scholarship to the AASLH Annual Meeting by participating in this raffle.

The Small Museums Committee, which both of us have chaired in the past, raises over $2000 annually to bring small museum people to the conference.  For the last three years, AltaMira Press has kicked off the fundraising with a generous donation of a raffle prize. And for that, we offer our sincere appreciation. Throughout the process of creating the Toolkit, the folks at AltaMira Press worked hard to understand people who work in small museums, both as writers and readers.

Hats off to our kind publishers, especially Deborah Hudson and Charles Harmon!

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