Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Wishing you the happiest of holidays and thank you for all the good work you did in 2012!  Now it's time to rest, catch up with friends and family, and re-charge your batteries for an even better 2013.

And thank you for reading this blog and for buying the Small Museum Toolkit!  It's our hope it will find its way on a shelf in every small museum in America.  Yep, we're big dreamers, but we want the Toolkit to help you make your job a bit easier.  We designed it with you in mind! 

Interested in writing for the Small Museum Toolkit blog?  We need authors who work in the small museum trenches each week and are willing to share helpful hints and solutions with your colleagues.  If interested, email us cclegutko [at] or stacy.klingler [at]

For now, we're signing off for 2012...look for more posts in January 2013 and more conference appearances throughout the year.

Warm wishes,
Cinnamon and Stacy

*The brackets are a subsitute for the @ sign to prevent spammers, so please use the correct email convention if you email us!

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